Speaking and writing are the vehicles I’ve selected as I step out from behind the carefully managed professional brand, I’ve been all my working life, to reveal the story of events that have shaped me into the coach, mentor, speaker and author I am today. And these events began long before I was born.
TEDx Speaker
“Do we need an acceptable Identity label to be validated?”

Recommendation from Annalise Jennings


Founder & Principal, Dynamic Exchange


If you watched Michelle’s TedxTalk right through, you’ve watched just over 15 minutes of something profound… Something you can’t buy or bottle: Self Compassion.

Life has a way of connecting you with the people you were always destined to meet. I connected with Michelle several years ago when I most needed a life coach to help me unravel lessons from my past.. and that she did.. tactfully, intentionally… Michelle’s wisdom is imbued with love.. With grace and care she remains in a space of curiosity and never judgement.

When I first watched Michelle talk about hidden traumas, family systems and unique identities, I hit rewind and watched it again. Michelle will have you completely engaged in the first 40sec as she tackles the question ‘who am l’

Being human can be intensely messy.. Healing can sometimes feel ‘sharp’. We all have areas for growth and Michelle will invite you to evolve, deepen and become more aware, kind, loving and with a curious stance.

Key Note Speaking Topics
Not Satisfied.

The Unconscious Influence of Intergenerational Pain.


The story of heritage, trauma and the search for unique self.

Your DNA is Not Your Destiny.

Learn the Steps to Release the past and design Your Own Destiny.

From the first meeting, Michelle’s style puts you at ease and inspires trust. She is a great listener, yet challenges your thinking and delivers advice with a mix of theory and practical example that make it simple and easy to accept, understand and act upon.

John Cracknell

Former CEO Disney, Australia

Michelle’s approach assisted me to start my successful consulting business and coached me through my reservations. My business is in high demand and I still use many of Michelle’s strategies on a daily basis. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her insightful encouragement and ability to see my potential. I recommend Michelle to executives who are looking for exciting and ingenious career options.

Clare McGlone

Since Retired

Michelle, I wanted to share something with you. You were such a wonderful influence on me when I had the privilege of your guidance that even now if I come across your profile, or comments you’ve made on LinkedIn, I cannot help but smile. Not only that, but the mere memory of our dealings is enough to make me want to try harder, pull my proverbial socks up, and not give in. So thanks, for still being your inspirational self … years later!

Sally Fleming

Michelle has coached me through four significant senior positions, in three different fields. Michelle is an inspirational leader with exceptional communication skills. She has a great ability to work with people to uncover possibilities that enables them to reach their full potential.I look forward to my next chapter with Michelle and would highly recommend her to any executive contemplating their next chapter.

Justine Jacono

Past President Australian Property Institute (Victoria)