It is better to save the files to another storage device (USB stick, external hard drive, etc.). Try reinstalling the Logitech driver, it will also ensure you have the latest updated driver. So, enter devmgmt.msc in the Run field and select the result, Mice and Other Pointing Devices. Expand the list of devices, right-click the Logitech HID and select Uninstall Device. If all of this is over your head, or if the ‘logilda.dll not found’ error message is still appearing on your screen, I can help using myremote desktop support service. Simplycontact me, briefly describing the issue and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • This will ensure that all audio played on your PS4 comes through the headphone jack rather than through the TV’s speakers.
  • Like all RAM and motherboard problems in PS4, this isn’t usually something you’ll be able to fix yourself or get repaired.
  • At black ops cold war crashing one time our WebTV performance bogged down so bad we could hardly do anything with it.

When powered on there should be a blue ring around the volume knob. My Pioneer Receiver is now correctly displaying ‘HD Master Audio’ showing that the AV receiver is doing the decoding. Just set your PS4 to 5.1 to match your 5.1 setup then it doesn’t matter whether it would/would not downmix properly or mess up the 7.1. As I have found I need to turn my amp up higher when gaming on the PS4 compared to the level at which I watch BDs that are being bitstreamed.

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If your headset has two separate plugs for the mic and the headphones, make sure you purchase an adapter that has an audio-in and audio-out jacks. Purchase a 3.5mm headset/mic Y connector cable.

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For that reason, if you want to take your audio quality seriously and you’re using wired headphones, the G3 is a sensible acquisition. These equipment are easy to find and inexpensive, so they are not that big of a burden to get hold of. However, one should be particular about connecting the cables and jacks into the ports properly and following the steps carefully. This way, the gamer can make use of its features and enjoy the whole gaming experience fully. Genius SW-G2.1 gaming speaker system precisely what you want in a blown away gaming environment. It gives clear and detailed mid to high-range frequencies that generate a realistic sound while delivering fully intensified and powerful bass for the ultimate sound experience.