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Throughout my career, the purpose has always been to bring clarity, purpose and energy for change to my clients. From teaching to training; presenting to facilitating; coaching & mentoring, the goal has never wavered. My Why is creating outcomes by helping people stand out and leave a legacy.

Work With Me

Shining a light on the pathway to the freedom of who you are.


We need to shine a light on our past so we may more easily see and understand our present and our future. Light gives life, and shining a light on the story of your life will rewrite your chapters.


Our freedom is found in understanding who we are and where we have come from. Those who came before us have left imprints on our DNA. Release from the past can more clearly show the future.


We each have a voice that needs to be heard. We may use it to tell our story, or speak out our truth, but we must learn to recognise what it sounds like and be comfortable hearing it in order to take the next step.


We each have a story, and that story is so very valuable. When you know your story, and can identify the role the different characters played in shaping who you are, a world of opportunity opens.


We all have a path to follow, but each of our paths are unique. We need to look back along the road and explore the side road and alleys to find a clearer way forward to our purpose.


Critical to connecting with our identity, is knowing who we are, and understanding those origins. When we recognise ourselves and value our unique experience, we can find confidence in being our true selves in the world.

YNot Book

It’s time to say YNot!

Thank you to Shar Moore for inviting me to contribute a chapter to
Y Not!

The vision for this book, is the hope that it will give readers the confidence to back themselves, step up in times of uncertainty and live life boldly. Sometimes we just need to say… YNot!

A deep dive into your motivations and ambitions.

Michelle has an uncanny way of disarming any anxiety one might have about sitting down with a mentor. She is a great listener and before you know it – over a ubiquitous cup of coffee – you find yourself deep diving into the motivations that really drive your career decisions. Her style and methodology is not for those who simply want to “chin wag” for an hour. It is strategic and goal driven, relying on evidence-based executive research, scholarly monographs and straight talk which can at times have you in rarely-visited emotional and psychological terrain. The outcome is a distilled and directed career path. She’s a relaxed and insightful mentor to guide you and send you on your way.


Property Professional and People leader (2021)

From the first meeting, Michelle’s style puts you at ease and inspires trust. She is a great listener, yet challenges your thinking and delivers advice with a mix of theory and practical example that make it simple and easy to accept, understand and act upon.

John Cracknell

Former CEO Disney, Australia


After a couple of calls with Michelle, I have gained the most wonderful clarity about my brand, and most importantly, how it intersects with my purpose! Seriously, I jump out of bed eager to work and serve my purpose – all in one beautiful, sweeping alignment.
Michelle’s knowledge in this area is second to none – I actually have had many mentors in my business life and have never experienced anything like this.
I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs to find their flow and reach higher levels.


Co-Founder Ruffle Mentoring (2022)

Michelle has coached me through four significant senior positions, in three different fields. Michelle is an inspirational leader with exceptional communication skills. She has a great ability to work with people to uncover possibilities that enables them to reach their full potential.I look forward to my next chapter with Michelle and would highly recommend her to any executive contemplating their next chapter.

Justine Jacono

Past President Australian Property Institute (Victoria)