A memoir unravelling the unintended legacy of family secrets.

‘Hush’ I always wanted to be accepted, to have another person see me as their forever love. Belonging and family would follow and I’d be happy. Life has not been what I expected.

‘Hush’ illustrates the intersection of history, culture, beliefs and genetics to reveal where identity begins.

It reveals how our family history silently influences our choices by stealth and life doesn’t turn out as expected. Once patterns become visible, a restored and renewed future is possible.

This book encourages the reader to look for traces in their own story, to heal and inhabit a coherent identity.

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When you read Hush you are likely to begin reflecting on your life and the untold stories and secrets that you’ve never been able to tell. You cannot resolve the impact of the past in silence so What would you like to tell Michelle? Hush invites submissions of interesting, well-written stories emerging upon reading Hush. Each month one story is selected and posted here.